Nikki Leigh, award-winning author & social media publicist

Stephanie has worked with me since 2009. She came on board to coordinate virtual book/blog tours for my business. These require a lot of outreach and research online to find appropriate websites and website owners to include. Then she needed to coordinate at least 20 people, products and postings. A virtual tour requires a lot of coordination, thorough research, great communication and people skills and an eye for detail.

She also worked with me on a client project, including social media set up and blog posting for a high-profile client. We worked on a series of e-books about learning to love, accept and respect yourself. We discussed my initial ideas in detail and then planned how to best approach the project from concept to a finished product ready for publication.

I’ve also had the opportunity to recommend her to clients. A most notable person is a high-profile yoga instructor who needed an editor and proofreader for one of her books. She hired Stephanie and I only heard raves about her work.

I’d highly recommend Stephanie–and have on a number of occasions. If you want someone who will listen to what you want, can proceed on her own and who doesn’t need you to look over her shoulder, you should definitely consider her.