Carol Brook, screenwriter, memoirist, playwright, and filmmaker

For years I have had friends, family, and other writers read my work to give me an honest review. Not until Stephanie reviewed my memoir did I get what I’ve been looking for. She gives a thorough analysis. First, an overview of how the story breaks down (which will help with query letters). Then, another review which challenges you to look at the entire work and where the strengths and weaknesses lie.

She never tells you what to do, but questions your choices and asks where you might want to change. For me, she even reminded me of the basics that make stories interesting, such as an arc for the characters, which helps since I didn’t change much, but now I will try for my book to find success.

Lastly, and most importantly, she goes line by line in your work. Again, challenging wording and chunks of the story, as well as suggestions on ways to re-phrase but always leaving you in the driver’s seat to improve your work. She also comments and reacts like your readers would: what made her laugh, what lagged a bit, etc.

I am relieved that after almost 20 years of writing, I have found Stephanie. Now I have something meaty to work with and work on. I have a launching pad to take my work to the next level.