Stephanie is an amazing editor. I could not have found her at a better time. I was in the middle of writing a book which was very close to my heart, but I was struggling with a lot of doubt with my story. So much, in fact, that I almost didn’t publish it.

Stephanie did a sample edit for me and immediately put my mind at ease. She is gentle, but professional. She gets invested in the story and the characters. She was always available for questions along the way and didn’t make me feel abandoned or like I was annoying her. She didn’t shred my work like Freddie Krueger. All her comments, edits, and suggestions were spot on, and she kept my characters’ voices and personalities.

Stephanie was able to capture my vision and take it to the next level. She fixed all my grammar and punctuation mistakes. She made me love my story again. She was patient with all my crazy, every step of the way.

My book hit the top 100 paid ebooks in the Kindle store within 8 hours of publishing, and I never could have done that without Stephanie. She is truly a hidden gem in the indie editor world. I would love to kidnap her and hide her all for myself, but unfortunately, there are laws against that sort of thing, so I will have to share her.

― Carian Cole, contemporary romance author