Get Out (2017)


Written and Directed by: Jordan Peele

I live about forty miles from Charlottesville, one of the most socially and politically liberal cities in Virginia. Last week, in the unfolding Theater of the Absurd that is the daily news, neo-Nazis were grabbing their five minutes of fame. Dressed in white and carrying torches — like a terrifying parody of themselves — they gathered at a public park, protesting the removal of a statue of  Virginia’s most beloved Confederate general, Robert E. Lee. Rumor has it they were joined by Richard Spencer, a vile lunatic whose blog has called for the genocide of Black people

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Lavender (2016)

lavWritten by: Colin Frizzell and Ed Gass-Donnelly

Directed by: Ed Gass-Donnelly

When she was a little girl, Jane (Abbie Cornish) was the only survivor of a massacre that took the lives of her parents and sister. Their deaths are a lingering unsolved mystery, and it appears that Jane might have been responsible. Now she and her husband (Diego Klattenhoff ) are trying to save their foundering marriage while raising their smart, spunky daughter, Alice (Lola Flanery). Jane struggles with memory lapses and doesn’t remember the night of the murders — and she has to confront the possibility that she might be the killer.

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Indie Spotlight: The Tide by Anthony J. Melchiorri


The Tide

Series: The Tide #1

Kindle Edition, 393 pages

Published: October 11, 2015 by Thunderbird Media (1st published September 2, 2015)


Captain Dominic Holland, seasoned covert operative and father of two girls, is sent on an unusual mission by his CIA handler, Meredith Webb. With his crew of skilled warriors and brilliant scientists, he investigates a lead into a secret laboratory on an abandoned oil rig. Nothing in his background, a lifetime of international missions to protect the United States from biological and chemical warfare, has prepared him for what they encounter.

(Warning: Mild spoilers in the rest of the review. So I’ll cut to the chase — this book is terrific :-)…Proceed at your own risk.)

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Honeymoon (2014)

photo_10Directed by: Leigh Janiak

Written by: Phil Graziadei & Leigh Janiak

This indie horror flick is set in an all-too-familiar location: a cabin in the woods. However it doesn’t unfold the way you might expect.

Paul (Harry Treadway) and Bea (Rose Leslie: “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”) reminisce over their blossoming romance and revel in their intimacy during their honeymoon in a lakeside cabin.

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“A Good Marriage” and “1922” by Stephen King


A Good Marriage and 1922 Stephen King

Kindle Edition, 253 pages

Published: September, 2014 (Scribner)


“A Good Marriage”

Is it possible to ever completely know another person?

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