When beginning work on a novel or memoir, many writers–especially first-time authors–find it helpful to share their projects with a professional editor/writing coach for feedback and direction. This can help you complete a strong first draft, using the kinds of professional feedback you’re likely to receive from an editor, agent, or publisher. It’ll also help you focus on those aspects of your work which readers are likely to love!

This begins with submitting a section of your first draft along with a synopsis (a brief summary of about 1-2 pages) and an outline if you have one. Please keep in mind:

  • There’s no need to worry about perfect grammar, spelling, or punctuation at this point. It’s a first draft! No one is judging you. 🙂
  • Some writers are plotters; they like to start projects with detailed outlines. Others are discovery writers, or “pantsers,” using a first draft to figure out what their story is about. For the purposes of coaching, it helps if you have some idea where you are headed. But if you don’t have an outline, that’s fine.

You’ll receive an editorial letter offering recommendations to help you complete your project, along with comments in the manuscript. These suggestions will explore elements of your work such as character development, use of point of view in narration, plot, word choice, style, and tone. Please see the section on developmental editing for more detail about these elements and the types of feedback I offer.

The excerpt from your manuscript will not be fully edited.

Policies/Procedures and Rates