Indie Spotlight: In the Words of Shakira, “Try Everything!” Push Past Your Comfort Zone by Trevor Pacelli

Trevor Pacelli is the author of Six-Word Lessons on Growing Up Autistic: 100 Lessons to Understand How Autistic People See Life (Published:May 6, 2012 ) He writes about film and autism at Trevor’s View on Hollywood.


I may be mildly autistic, but you know what? I am not hopeless! I have still used what I am good at to achieve success out of life. But how did I come to know my strengths? It all depended on accepting and seeking out challenges through college.

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600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster



Paperback, 278 pages

Published: October 23, 2009 by Riverbend Publishing (1st Published February 10, 2009)

Literary Awards:  Montana Honor Book (2009), High Plains Book Awards (2010)


Thirty-nine-year old Edward Stanton has obsessive compulsive disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. His OCD is treated with medication and therapy, and the Asperger’s is just part of who he is: a bright, funny, methodical man who likes concrete facts and predictable routines. Edward has many abilities, but his rigidity and difficulty communicating with others have kept him from holding down a job. He is supported by his father, a wealthy developer and county commissioner.

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Marcelo in the Real World by Francesco X. Stork



Hardcover, 312 pages

Published: March 1st 2009, Arthur A. Levine Books (1st published March 1, 2008)

Setting: Massachusetts

Literary Awards: Schneider Family Book Award for Teen Book (2010), South Carolina Book Award Nominee for Young Adult Book Award (2011), Sakura Medal Nominee for High School Book (2010), Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award (ALAN/NCTE) Nominee (2010), Voya Perfect Ten (2009), The Inky Awards Nominee for Silver Inky Long List (2011), Abraham Lincoln Award Nominee (2014), ALA Best Books for Young Adults (2010)


Seventeen-year-old Marcelo, who has neurological differences similar to Asperger’s Syndrome, will soon start his senior year of high school. His father’s income as founding partner of a law firm has provided the opportunity to attend Paterson, an excellent school for individuals with disabilities. There, Marcelo has been accepted for who he is and allowed as much time as he needs to process what’s going on in his environment and finish tasks. This is a place where Marcelo isn’t rushed and feels accepted and appreciated for who he is.

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Paperback, 288 pages

Published: July 5, 2012 by Corsair (1st published January 1, 2011)

Setting: Futuristic London


In a future London, in which our society has been decimated by wars between the Arabic world and the West, the affluent have their children genetically improved. Doctors modify the DNA of their offspring to ensure physical attractiveness, intelligence, and athletic ability. Disabilities and illness have been virtually eliminated among the more privileged classes.

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Up High in the Trees by Kiara Brinkman




Paperback, 336 pages

Published: June 10, 2008 by Grove Press (1st Published June 8, 2007)


Mother got married on a sunny day … Cass was already there, inside of her stomach. Mother could feel the baby kicking inside her the whole time. The baby kicked until mother kissed Dad and then the baby stopped kicking.

Where was I? I asked Mother.

You were up there in the trees. I was happy and kept jumping from one tree to another and the branches scraped my arms and legs when I jumped and landed, and jumped and landed. I had scratches all over. I could see the red scratches, but I couldn’t feel them because I wasn’t really me yet. I was just a part of Mother floating up in the trees.

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