Memorable Onscreen Sociopaths

Emotionally shallow, impulsive, and easily bored. Often charming and manipulative. Lacking in empathy and conscience. Potentially brutal. Sometimes as crazy as shit-house rats. Psychopaths, particularly those who are spectacularly violent, offer endless fodder for writers and film-makers.


These characters vary dramatically, spanning a wide continuum. Some have explosive rages; others are unflappably calm. Some are on the wrong side of the law, and others manage to play within the rules. But they all share lack of empathy and connection to others along with a penchant for some form of cruelty.

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Memorable Narcissistic Characters I’ve Seen Onscreen (Spoilers!)

In one of my earlier incarnations, I was in graduate school studying to become a counselor. I purchased a copy of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), which catalogs every mental malfunction known to man. It was quite useful, as my friend and I used to it diagnose our professors. One instructor was particularly easy — we were positive the guy had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I suspect academia is rife with them.


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8 Movie Scenes I’ve Been Trying to Scrub From My Brain (Spoilers!)

You know how something you’ve seen can be so nasty, disturbing, whacked out, or just plain icky that it’s inexorably burned into your brain? And you think, “Oh well, give it some time and the memory will fade.” But of course, it doesn’t.

On any given day, I can’t remember where I left my car keys or who I promised to call. But these images are still unshakably lodged in my cranium.

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Things I Love About Cinema A-Z

This was originally published, on another site, as a submission to a blogathon hosted by Mettel Ray in 2012. Huge kudos and shout outs to anyone who can name all the films/books/TV programs pictured here. 🙂



A ~ Anime — Something that, through the years, my kids and I have enjoyed equally — what a gift!


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14 Great Movies Based on Short Stories

Precog Samantha Morton

It is well known that novels provide a wealth of literary fodder for filmmakers. Or as film theorist George Bluestone put it: “Film feeds off literature like sharks off a marlin.” 🙂 I think of it more as a transformative act, taking a written work and turning it into another art form — another form of storytelling — creating something entirely new. These adaptations sometimes open opportunities for authors–such as when Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay for Gone Girl–and boost sales. However, when the inspiration for a movie is a short story, the author of the original work is likely to go unnoticed.

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