Indie Spotlight: The Birth of Hope



Kindle Edition, 218 pages

Published: October 21, 2016

Setting: Tennessee


Sophie Merger is on the brink of an exciting new career. On the surface, her life has never been better. But she’s living in a tightening vise of emotional abuse. Her husband has threatened to kill her many times, and he’s capable of following through with it. As soon as freedom is within sight, Sophie’s marriage goes into a terrifying downward spiral.

Sophie’s job brings new people into her life and, by chance, she meets Felise Greyson. Felise’s husband was recently imprisoned for embezzlement, and she struggles with social anxiety. On top of that, she’s just discovered she’s pregnant.

This is a lovely novel about reaching out for help and the struggle to disentangle oneself–and one’s loved ones–from excruciating circumstances. It’s also about the moment when one regains hope and trust and rediscovers her creative spark. And, above all, it’s about the bonds of friendship.

Well written, funny, and full of heart, this novel feels lighter than one might expect given the subject matter. The characters also feel exceptionally real. Immersing myself in the story was a bit like having tea with a warm, genuine, and loving friend.






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