The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O’Connor McNees



Hardcover, 343 pages

Published: April 1, 2010 by Putnam Adult

Setting: Massachusetts

Literary Awards: Goodreads Choice Nominee for Historical Fiction (2010)


When I was a girl, I was madly in love with Louisa May Alcott’s novels, a passion I inherited from my mother. In high school, I learned a bit about American Transcendentalism and Bronson Alcott’s eccentric Utopian vision, which played out at Fruitlands. I wondered what life was like for young Louisa May Alcott, living with her father’s fascinating but impractical ideals and how Bronson Alcott meshed with the wise, loving father on the fringes of Little Women.

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Fruitvale Station (2013)

indexWritten & Directed by: Ryan Coogler

Setting: San Francisco Bay Area

Recommended by:  Alex Withrow

This week I hit a milestone that was inevitable, I suppose. For the first time, someone got angry and “unfriended” me on Facebook. And I wasn’t even being a sarcastic ass … honestly.

It started when I reposted an article highlighting my support of Black Lives Matter.

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Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones


Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones


Paperback, 272 pages

Published: August 1, 2001 by Greenwillow Books (1st Published 1975)

Setting: England


Sirius, who inhabits the “dog star,” has been tried and convicted of a terrible crime. He is banished to earth to be born in the form of an ordinary dog. If he can remember enough of his existence as a luminary to complete a quest and find a certain magical object, he will return to his previous existence. Otherwise, he will live his short life as a dog then die.

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Indie Spotlight: Two Lovely Berries by A.M. Blair



Ebook, 268 pages

Published: August 4, 2014

Setting: Pennsylvania & California

Recommended By: Monika at A Lovely Bookshelf

Nora was convinced that she and her twin sister, Aubrey, were inseparable and always would be. After they graduated from Stanford together, Aubrey married her college sweetheart, George–a marriage strongly encouraged by their privileged and dysfunctional parents–and moved across the country, retreating from her sister’s life.

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The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks



Kindle Edition, 257 pages

Published: September 1, 1991 by Harper Collins

Setting: Northern New York

Recommended By: Drew at A Fistful of Films

On a frigid winter day, a school bus veers off the road, plows through a guardrail, and crashes through the ice into a water-filled sandpit. Fourteen children are killed. Before the impact of the tragedy settles on this small rural community, tort lawyers swoop in on parents of kids killed or injured in the accident. This has a toxic effect on the already fractured community. Mitchell Stephens is one of these attorneys.

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