Indie Spotlight: Prescient (Book 1) by Derek Murphy



Kindle Edition, 152 pages

Published: April 1, 2016 by Urban Epics

Setting: New Jersey


Alicia’s quotidian life — filled with high school, spending time with her best friend and widowed father, and contemplating her unrequited crush — is derailed when seemingly harmless drug experimentation catapults her forward in time. As a time traveler in the near future, she enters a terrifying post-apocalyptic world.

After returning to the present, she finds herself unwillingly thrust into the role of Cassandra, anxious to warn others of what lies ahead. But who will believe her?

I won’t reveal more than that; I’ll leave you to discover this future dystopia for yourself. This author has combined some of the tropes of modern science fiction and fantasy — including time travel and a variation on zombie lore — along with elements of classical Greek mythology and Frankensteinian* themes — to create something original and fascinating. His excellent writing and storytelling abilities stand out. Although I’m well beyond the target age for this YA novel, I readily related to Alicia, enjoyed spending time in her head, and was thoroughly engrossed in the story.

A word of warning: this doesn’t quite follow the conventions of a first novel in a series. Although the story is well-developed, the ending is more of a cliffhanger than a resolution. The author did this deliberately, seeking reader feedback before continuing the series. This may be a budding trend in fiction, and it intrigues me.

But this, along with a handful of minor editorial errors strewn throughout the book, may be of-putting to some readers. On the other hand I consider myself a tough customer when it comes to fiction 🙂 and none of these issues diminished my enjoyment of the novel.

*Is “Frankensteinian” a word? I think it should be. 🙂







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