Honeymoon (2014)

photo_10Directed by: Leigh Janiak

Written by: Phil Graziadei & Leigh Janiak

This indie horror flick is set in an all-too-familiar location: a cabin in the woods. However it doesn’t unfold the way you might expect.

Paul (Harry Treadway) and Bea (Rose Leslie: “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”) reminisce over their blossoming romance and revel in their intimacy during their honeymoon in a lakeside cabin.

Their romance is tender, passionate, and believable; this is part of what elevates this film from a typical cheesy thriller. Plus the bit of friendly S&M thrown in — y’know, just to spice things up.


Things take a strange turn when Paul awakes to find Bea missing. He finds her walking in the woods, disoriented, with her nightgown soiled, apparently sleepwalking. Then her personality changes a bit: odd questions, fatigue, unexplained bouts of absentmindedness.

Their relationship becomes skewed, and the film strews other apparently unconnected clues: an odd neighbor, unexplained lights, and someone lurking outside the cabin. All these elements are subtle enough to keep us guessing, and the film is unsettling and creepy. This, along with the skillful pacing, is quite effective. Horror films rarely affect me, but this one kept me in suspense. Several brief scenes actually had me screaming, but that was mostly due to the grotesqueness factor. 🙂

I also thoroughly enjoyed the performances in this film, especially from Rose Leslie. We see the vibrancy and sensuality she brought to her character in Game of Thrones, plus a quality of playful sweetness.


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