Butterfly Kills by Brenda Chapman


Butterfly KIllsSeries: Stonechild & Rouleau #2

Ebook, 376 pages

Published: January 31, 2015 by Dundurn Group (1st published January 10, 2015)

Setting: Kingston, Ontario


Before her death, Leah worked at the campus crisis hotline. She had a secret she couldn’t divulge to anyone, even her long-time friend and former boyfriend Wolf.

As they work to uncover the truth, Rouleau’s team is called to interview Della Munroe, a gorgeous young mother, who reported being raped by her estranged husband. They begin to suspect that the two crimes are somehow related.

In alternating chapters, we also enter the world of Dalal and Meeza, two young Indian-Canadian sisters trapped in a crushingly misogynistic, authoritarian family. The girls are facing a heart-wrenching crisis, and Dalal is desperate to protect her little sister. Kala, a former foster child with a soft spot for lost children, tries to help them.

Eventually the link among these three threads is revealed, and the story becomes so compelling it’s impossible to look away.

I truly love this novel. It is beautifully written, the plot is expertly crafted, and the characters are complex and well drawn. In includes gorgeous imagery, with just the right amount of descriptive detail, creating vibrant images of the natural world around Ontario. I am eager to renew my acquaintance with Jacques, Paul, and Kala, and I will undoubtedly read everything Brenda Chapman writes.



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