Captured by Neil Cross


Captured by Neil Cross

Ebook, 288 pages

Published: US Release: January 27, 2015 (Open Road Integrated Media) (1st published February 1, 2010)

Setting: England


Kenny Drummond has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and has just weeks to live. He wants to resolve unfinished business before it’s too late. This includes finding a childhood classmate, Callie Barton. She showed him kindness, and he considered her his best friend. He wants to talk to her, “because if you do something kind, you should know that it mattered.”

Kenny discovers that Callie has been missing for years. Although cleared of suspicion, her husband, Jonathan, seems to be hiding something. Kenny is convinced Jonathan murdered Callie, and he’s willing to go to any lengths to find out what really happened to her.

This novel offers interesting, morally ambiguous characters and explores shades of light and dark in human nature in a vivid, dramatic way. Kenny is oddly innocent and boyish, and when his dark side emerges, it’s painful to watch. Is this due to damage the tumor has done to his temporal lobe? Or is it something that has been lying dormant in him all along?

The writing in Captured is gorgeous. I love Cross’s style, his flair for artful word choices, and the believable, sometimes humorous dialogue. Despite the intense, unpredictable plot, the unfolding story feels quite real because of the character development and the author’s excellent use of detail. When duct tape is ripped off a man’s face, we see flecks of skin and dots of stubble. It’s impossible not to be absorbed by each scene.

This disturbing but beautiful novel was a page-turner for me. I also appreciate the themes of death and how people make meaning of their time on earth, or try to survive, in both life-affirming and destructive ways.


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