My 20 Most Rewatched Movies

My Most Watched Movies

This comes to you courtesy of yours truly and two of my favorite bloggers. I stole the idea from Wendell at Dell on Movies who stole it from Alex at And So It Begins.  Keeping up the tradition of film-blogger larceny, if anyone wants to steal it from me, I’d love to see your list.

By the way, I also shamelessly stole Wendell’s idea of including movie quotes I sometimes use. That comes naturally to me, because in this house we speak in movie quotes, randomly, for no reason at all.

In no particular order:

Beverly Hills Cop

1. Beverly Hills Cop

The Christmas after I turned 18, Mom took my brother and me to visit family in Mississippi. Mamaw and Aunt B. Jo lived in the tiniest, most uneventful town ever to be found in Western Civilization. My brother Jamie and I were a bit too old to play in the town dump, our go-to childhood pastime in Buttcrack, Mississippi. And while we have some wonderful folks in Mom’s family, some of our relatives and family acquaintances spent the season of Goodwill Toward Man spouting racist invective, which was still totally socially acceptable in Mississippi in the 1980s. It was like spending an afternoon with Donald Trump.

Luckily, I was old enough to drive. And a nearby town actually had a movie theater. It just so happened that Beverly Hills Cop was playing, so we watched it. Then the next day we went back and watched it again. And again. As Jamie explained to Mom, “It’s gotten to the point where we laugh at the jokes before they say them.”

Years later, my husband and I would give this a repeat viewing whenever it came on cable. Sadly, in the early years of our marriage, they still censored out the swear words. This is one of those movies that’s just no fun without the “f bombs.” I haven’t seen Beverly Hills Cop in years, but when I watch clips on YouTube, it still makes me laugh. For me, this was Eddie Murphy at his best.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “You’ve got a banana in your tailpipe.” This is not a situation that has come up in real life … ever. I just think it’s fun to say.

Hammy in Over the Hedge

2. Over the Hedge

This is another movie I haven’t seen in years. But when Sarah and James were young, they went through a phase where they watched this all the time. Since it portrays animals caching food and hibernating, I counted it as part of their science curriculum. 😛

My son James, at about age 8, was a poster child for ADHD — seriously, the kid was like Tigger on crack. He identified with Hammy, the hyperactive squirrel in this movie. I’ll never forget James’s light bulb moment when he got why some people consider Hammy’s line “I finally found my nuts” to be a bit off color. Bursting with pride, he announced, “I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!” Now he’s a teen, and he spouts profanity that sounds like it was scripted by Quentin Tarantino. *Sigh* That was such a sweet, innocent time.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “I finally found my nuts!”

What We Do in the Shadows 2

3. What We Do in the Shadows

This deserves inclusion because we bought the DVD recently, and I’ve already seen it three times. I have a feeling it will get a lot more play. This campy New Zealand vampire comedy will never get old for me.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “Thees is boolshit!” (Usually when I’m stuck washing the dishes)

An Officer and a Gentleman

4.  An Officer and a Gentleman

This was released in theaters when I was in high school, and I watched it every chance I got. It was fun, romantic, sexy, and sad, and in that pre-HBO world, it offered what was, by far, the raciest on-screen sex scene I’d ever seen. With Richard Gere. ‘Nuff said.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None. Though I occasionally find myself humming “Up Where We Belong.”

Burn After Reading

5. Burn After Reading

I never get tired of re-watching this hilarious, underrated Coen satire. It has a terrific cast, and every actor is on top of his game here.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “I thought you’d be concerned … about the security … of your shit.”

The Shining

6. The Shining

We watch this every Halloween, at a minimum. It’s entirely different from the Stephen King novel, but both the book and the Kubrick film are masterpieces in their own right. I love the creepy vibe of this film, the sense of something lurking under the surface that’s never entirely explained, and I love seeing Jack Nicholson chew up the scenery. I am always impressed with Shelley Duval’s performance, her palpable terror at just the right moments.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “Darling … I’m home!” The Hubby finds it amusing to say that, in his best homicidal whack job voice.

An American Werewolf in London

7. American Werewolf in London

This is another Halloween staple. This 1980s horror comedy, which I saw for the first time shortly after it was released in theaters, has actually held up quite well. In this day and age we’re sated with spectacular CGI imagery, but I still think the werewolf transformation in this movie has never been topped.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “Stick to the road. Beware the moors.” We’ve never been to the moors –we’re on the wrong side of the Atlantic. But it’s fun to say.

Spirited Away

8. Spirited Away and other Studio Ghibli movies

My twelve-year-old owns some of these movies, including Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and Kiki’s Delivery Service, and she never gets tired of watching them. I love the surreal quality of Spirited Away. I love the way it manages to be both unsettlingly dark and fun and fanciful. And, of course, the imagery is gorgeous.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None

Pride and Prejudice

9. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I love this book, along with most of Austen’s other novels, and I’m a fan of all its various film incarnations, but Joe Wright’s version is my favorite. I actually like Sense and Sensibility, both the novel and its screen adaptations, just a little bit better. But this is the one my husband actually likes to watch with me. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to him by watching Die Hard with him at Christmas.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None

Lord of the Rings

10. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

One of the many perks of being married to my husband, who acts like a bad ass but is actually a closet nerd, is that he periodically wants to launch a LOTR movie marathon with the extended editions of the DVDs. I can think of much worse ways to waste a weekend. And, while this is anathema to Tolkien lovers, I actually enjoyed the film adaptations more than the books.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “Is it secret? Is it safe?”

The Princess Bride

11. The Princess Bride

If I had ranked these movies in order, this would — hands down — have earned the #1 slot. I saw this when it was first released in theaters. I saw it again when it came to VHS. I saw it with my husband, my in-laws, and just about everyone else I knew. I watched it with my brother — five times in one day — when we were hanging out at Mom’s around Thanksgiving. A cable station was having an all-day marathon. We kept thinking, We’re on a roll, why stop now? I never say “no” to this movie. You wanna watch it? As you wish!

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “Never go up against a Sicilian, when death is on the line!” (Because I am actually part Sicilian. And why not?)

A Christmas Story

12. A Christmas Story

We watch this every Christmas season, without fail — it’s practically a religious ritual.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “Not a finger!”

The Wizard of Oz

13. The Wizard of Oz

Alas, children today will never understand the ecstasy of watching this movie after waiting all year for it to come to television. I remember my parents taking me to a friend’s house so we could watch this on a color TV. That moment when Dorothy opens the door to a technicolor world — pure bliss!

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “If I only had a brain.”

War of the Worlds

14. War of the Worlds (2005)

This used to be my son’s favorite movie, so we watched it a lot. Fun fact: part of it was filmed here in the Shenandoah Valley. My husband had an acquaintance who was employed by the filmmakers for a while. He bragged to everyone he knew that, during one scene, he got the privilege of hosing Tom Cruise down with cold water. Now that’s a story to tell the grandkids.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None

Harry Potter franchise

15. The Harry Potter series

I am not a big fan of these movies — they lack the charm of J.K. Rowling’s insanely popular books. However, this series of films was a showcase for many terrific British actors. And I dearly love Alan Rickman as Snape, almost as much as I love him as Colonel Brandon.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: But I can’t be a wizard.

Shaun of the Dead 2

16. Shaun of the Dead

I couldn’t love this campy horror-comedy any more.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None

Toy Story franchise

17. The Toy Story Movies

When the first movie was released, this kind of animation was new — it was almost mesmerizing to watch. Even now, when we’ve become inured to such wonders, you just can’t see the Toy Story movies too many times.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “You’re a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.”


18. The Shrek Movies

The release of the first film was much talked about. It was to be the first movie made completely with computer animation. Now we find non-digital animation unique, but I remember the sense of anticipation and of history in the making.

Fractured fairy tales are right up my alley, and I love the first couple of movies in this series. I should also mention that my kids went through a phase when they wanted to watch Shrek 2 every single day. So the total number of times I’ve seen Shrek movies is probably staggering.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: “That’ll do, donkey.”

The Breakfast Club

19. The Breakfast Club

This was my generation’s coming of age movie. And it’s held up pretty well over the years.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None

Horrible Bosses

20. Horrible Bosses

A guilty pleasure.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: None.

Pulp Fiction 2

21. Pulp Fiction

Under my bland middle-aged matronly exterior, I am a sick, twisted individual. This violent flick, which will always be remembered for its fantastic dialogue, is one of my go-to “feel good” movies.

Quote Occasionally Heard Around This House: Lord, how do I narrow it down? My husband and I quote this movie gratuitously. I’m going with, “Man, I don’t even have an opinion.” I pull that one out a lot.




20 thoughts on “My 20 Most Rewatched Movies

  1. Toy Story, Shrek, War of the Worlds, Princess Bride-so many great films! My family does the whole Lord of the Rings Extended marathon too, sort of as a Christmas tradition. There was one time where we watched all of them in one day! For no particular reason, we break it up into two days now. I love underrated quotes too, especially ones I recognize.


  2. OMG, the fact that you actually use the phrase “I want that dong, Dale” AND “can I get any of you cunts a drink” is AMAZING!!! And I quote The Princess Bride daily.



  3. Love this list. I watch lots of these often, too. Strangely, my go to quote for BHC is “Tell Victor I have herpes simplex 10.” Of course, I make sure to pronounce that number “teyen.” And for The Shining, it’s gotta be “Heeerrrreeee’s Johnny!” Finally, I’m curious…but I don’t really want the answer…about the context in which you’re using that Horrible Bosses quote, lol. Thanks for the link!


    1. Ha ha! I wondered if anyone was going to point that out. 😛 Honestly, there is no real context for that quote. My adult daughter and just say it occasionally, when the subject of Horrible Bosses comes up, because it makes us laugh. Yes, I am very immature. 🙂


  4. Ooooh I DEFINITELY will be stealing this list (but w/ proper credit of course) 😛 We share What We Do in the Shadows and Pride & Prejudice, yay! Even before I got the Bluray of WWDITS, I watched all the clips constantly on youtube. LOVE that movie! Great stuff, Steph!


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